State of Writing


Thanks to everyone who voted over the weekend for my books that were award nominations. you can check out friday’s post for info about that if you would like to help with a vote.

I did successfully complete the rough draft of my offbeat, comic mystery 50 Shades of Star Trek TNG. I can start a new draft soon before I let it sit and percolate before some more earnest rewriting. It took me a little over 30 days to write so I basically did a nanowrimo over January as a personal challenge (I’d never done it before since my novembers are usually busy.)

More coming up soon, but now I’ve got to catch up on some book reviews since I let most of them go on hold while under such an intense writing schedule. Next up for me is to finish revisions for Wolf of the Tesseract 2 and The Kakos Realm 3 and then I’ll begin the final prewriting phases for the Hidden Rings of Myriddin the Cambion series (plus I’m still scheduling author events through 2018… I have some neat irons in the fire I’ll mention as soon as they are written in ink. Until then, come hang out at the MN Writing Workshop. You can still register for the event which is Feb 17.)

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