I’m up for an Indie publishing award and need help!


Hey friends!

I just got the word that two of my books are finalists for the Christian Indie Awards. It’d be awesome if you guys could give me a vote and any kind of social media traffic. They run a publishing blog that is one of the top blogs that I encourage people to follow. The voting website is http://www.christianpublishers.net/18votes/

My humor book, John in the John, is in the Devotional section (about halfway down). Also, my other book is the last entry on the page before the submit votes button, a nonfiction book titled Why Your Pastor Left (which is near and dear to my heart) and has some good reviews, being out for a little while now: give it a look over at Amazon.

You can check out John in the John at Amazon as well and if you want, I have an automated system that sends out one reading every day from the book (plus extras.) Check it out here http://eepurl.com/c51Cxv

Thanks guys! I appreciate all the votes and rates/reviews on Amazon and other sales outlets.


thanks guys!


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