Review: Songweaver


DW Johnson’s story of Xenkur continues to expand with Songweaver. It is book 1 in the Iron League Books.

I’m no stranger to her universe. Her writing has gotten tighter, for sure. For those uninitiated to Xenkur it is a world very similar to Pathfinder’s world of Golarian (a D&D world).

Johnson has learned a few things and the cover and layout are much improved from the first installment. I also appreciated her story… not everybody pulls off a strong bard character in universes full of rogues, warriors, barbarians, and wizards.

The action was great and the author’s ability to keep you in the moment is great. Battle scenes unfold exactly as they ought to in the given scenarios (trying not to drop any spoilers).

If I have any gripe, it’s that the last chapter/conclusion is a bit rushed, but the pacing is otherwise excellent. I’m sure it was penned the way that it was as more of a setup for an future sequel rather than for story purposes.

I got a free copy in exchange for an honest review at my bog, Inside the Inkwell. You can get your copy by checking it out on

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