State of Writing


I’m officially in novel lengths for my nerdy, short novel. I think I’ve nailed down a title as 50 Shades of Star Trek TNG.  It really is pretty comical and I’m having fun writing it, although it’s been a struggle since I feel like I’ve not had as much time as I’d like to commit to the project. I do think, however, that it’s a really sellable piece of merchandise as I hit the comicon circuits this year.

Hopefully reception is good and I plan to even do some crazy things with it (put cut out pieces on the interior like paper dolls for the main characters plus celebrities I’m using in a parody manner in my stories,) and even send some early copies to said celebrities.

I’m literally just beginning to wrap up writing and starting the climax and denouement. I have maybe 8,000 words left to write in the rough draft and should be able to wrap it up this week. I feel strongly enough about it that I’ve already contacted my art team overseas about my ideas for a cover.

Now, onto the work week! Time to hit it hard and carve out some segments of time so I can complete this absurd pastime of mine.

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