Review: Westward Tally Ho!


I recently read Milo James Fowler’s Westward, Tally Ho! (well, listened on audiobook, actually.) It has its bright moments. The story is about an English kid who follows his father who was a world adventurer. As his first big act as a young adult he travels to America alongside his butler (who was just sacked) and helps him locate his missing daughter while navigating the Wild West.

It’s an interesting premise and has more than a little humor (some of which I think probably translates better in the written version.) All in all, it rather feels like a western adventure between Alfred and a young, naïve Bruce Wayne, and that has a certain kind of charm.

There is a distinct lack of new westerns in writing (mainly because the audiences are rather tired of the genre, and so the mix of unique elements such as spec fic or alternate POVs like a British perspective.) If you’re looking for a new taste of the old west, or if you’re used to reading YA and want to get a taste of sixguns and satire, this would be good book to pick up.

I got this book to review for Inside the Inkwell reviews for free in exchange for my opinion.

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