State of Writing


Good week for me. Work is back in full swing and I feel accomplished.

In my writing world, I did more business stuff than I wanted to (wished I could’ve spent more time writing, but that’s how it goes.) I did finish the “second act” for my current short novel and I’m about halfway through it. I believe I can finish it by the end of January… it should be done by the MN Writer’s Workshop at the latest (which is my planned start time for the Hidden Rings series.)

After a lull in creativity, I wrote some future blogs. It continually amazes me how much there is that I don’t know or what new writing resources I find… there’s some good author tips coming regularly through the next couple months.

I got a chance to update some of my dates on my convention calendar and put them on my Amazon Author profile. Methinks I’m starting out 2018 with good plans and good intentions… we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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