Calling All Indie Authors. Submit to an Indie only bookstore


Random Friday message here!

I am one of three people involved with an Indie-only bookstore here in Minnesota called 3 Maesters & A Crooked Quill. We are planning to launch our bookstore late summer (I can’t say much more than that at this time) but we are looking for MN authors (or those in bordering states) who would be interested in having books on our shelves. (We are primarily fiction, especially Fantasy, SF, horror/paranormal, and similar genre fiction)

If you’d like to get on our list of authors to be considered, please sign-up at this link:

If you’d like to be on the 3 Maester’s email list as a reader or supporter we’d love to have you sign up here:

We’re hoping to launch out big and strong and do this thing right! It may involve some crowdfunding elements… and honestly, if we don’t get some paperwork approval in Feb then we might not be able to move forward, but everything is looking great so far and we’d love to be proactive about establishing a base so we can launch strong. Thanks!


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