Review: The Judas Codex


I’m understandably jumping in mid-trilogy with the Judas Codex which just dropped from Camel Press. It is a kind of gritty urban fantasy that makes me think of a few different authors’ stories.

Most notably, the background mythology reminds me of Dan Brown’s Priory of Sion in his Robert Langdon books. Perhaps more than The Davinci Code, the Judas Codex reminds me of Eric Wilson’s Field of Blood (the Jerusalem Undead Trilogy.)

The Sicarii are the fearsome descendants of Judas and they seek the Codex Infernales, the unholy book formerly owned by the Sicarii. Catholic priest Father Mike Engle has the book and the Sicarii want it above all else—but the priest has a protector, the biblical Cain. There is certainly a strong story in the book, some of the writing could use to be tighter in certain areas, but it is solid overall and the slowly unfolding backstory draws the reader deeper with every page.

The book has an interesting blend of adventure and biblical backstory drawn from the author’s faith. If you like action/adventure with mystery akin to Brown or Tim LaHaye’s Babylon Rising series then the Judas Line Chronicles could be a good series to pick up over at Amazon. I got the book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review over at Inside the Inkwell.

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