State of Writing


Got some good writing done last week. I’ve been plowing through a currently untitled comedy story that I’m going to write before launching into the Hidden Rings series (since I decided to wait on writing it until I’d taken a few refresher courses on YA fiction at the upcoming MN Writer’s Workshop.)

I’m almost a quarter done with the story already. It will be a short novel, told with tongue in cheek humor (and might even cross over into the crime and cozy mystery markets.) It starts out following the hard-boiled homicide detective Rick Diego whose partner is murdered at a crime scene–it turns out the killer copied a death trap from a comic book… now Rick Diego is paired up with a new partner to solve this crime: a bumbling beat cop and huge comic nerd named Moses Farnsworth. The more they learn about the murder, the more the clues lead to a huge comic convention and a plot to kill Wil Wheaton before he can play the role of his life time. It’s basically a buddy-cop movie sending a misfit duo under cover at comicon.

With a little help from my vacation days I’m able to put up some nanowrimo-like numbers so I should be done with the story by mid-Feb.

Any thoughts on a clever title?

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