The Dreaded Holiday Special


It’s Christmas! So you’re probably not reading this anyways, but I still feel compelled to write a holiday greeting while my family recovers from all of the sudden togetherness that the season demands. 🙂

If you happen to be reading this, it might be good to know that my birthday is also coming up. I know it can be pretty hard to play second fiddle to Jesus the Christ, savior of the souls of mankind, so I don’t try to make a big deal out of mine…instead I practice Hobbit Birthdays (Hobbits give gifts instead of receiving them.) In working with my publisher we set a three day book giveaway for Wolf of the Tesseract beginning on my birthday (Dec 28). I’d love if readers hopped onto my mailing list so I can send an alert and remind you about it (Click here to get onto that list.)

Since this is normally my “State of Writing” Monday, I’ll drop a brief update. I decided to hold off on the fine tuning for Rings of Myrddin until Feb (taking a few classes on YA/MG fiction and want to do it as best as possible). I did begin a short novel in the meanwhile–a comedy/crime/mystery that I’m having fun with. I’ll give you more as it unfolds more clearly.


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