State of Writing


Most of last week was spent working on outlines for the Hidden Rings series. I only have one more book to outline in my rough, pre-written versions and then I can begin to work out some details and really sketch out my settings and characters. I did make a bunch of changes already and decided to move the 4th book all the way to the front. Hoods of the Red Order is going to be the big lead—the Red Order is important through the series’ continuity and so it made sense to move it to the front. It also feels like the particular storyline that I’m most excited about… I mean, who wouldn’t be stoked by Robin Hood recast as a paranormal investigator and sent by the Church to fight vampires instead of the moors?

Last week the new Dekker’s Dozen story dropped. Weeds of Eden is now out and available for download. I think I wrote briefly about it: it met a few of my writing goals and began as a bit of a test-project to complete while getting comfortable with Scrivener. It really rekindled my love of genre sci-fi/space opera and I’ve sketched out a total of 3 short stories, beginning with Weeds of Eden which shows an earlier version of the Dozen’s mercenary crew (with a few members changed out because of the timeline). The following two stories will take Dekker and his crew through the timeline break that happens at the end of Last Watchmen and establish a new chain of events (think X-men’s Days of Future Past) so it’s both a prequel and a sequel series; each one will weigh in around 20,000 words so it’s effectively an entire book written in a few segments. I also have a new novel planned to followed, tentatively titled Austicon’s Lockbox. I’m hoping to be working on SF again after the 1st draft of Hidden Rings is complete, though I might work on those short stories in between the 5 Hidden Rings books.

This week: hoping to finish that rough outline and begin filling in some blanks. I wouldn’t mind writing a piece of short fiction, too. I need to produce a few of those so I can pad Anthologies No.2 which I hope to unleash next year sometime. Plus, I’ve got so many ideas in my idea/hook notebook and I need to mold a few of them into reality.

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