Review: The Book of Ralph


I was pretty torn when requested to read “The Book of Ralph” for my review blog. I’m rather glad I said yes. There are some genuinely funny moments that jump off the page… not funny “ha ha” but satire humor that puts its finger on some human nature elements and make you laugh while saying, “yup… we’re all gonna die.” Especially in our current culture.

The hook and premise are interesting and the Diet Coke on the moon setup was great (#occupycoke and the North Koreans try to nuke the moon.) It might be more accurate than we’d care to admit.

With spoofs as clever as The Simpsons or Futurama, Christopher Steinsvold walks a careful path that will either get him sued (probably by someone named Kardashian) or propel his book to Hitchhiker’s Guide status (which it certainly seems to have elements of homage within.)

I’ve been trying to focus more on sci-fi over at Inside the Inkwell Blog; it was probably that overture that prompted Steinsvold’s submission. While it’s a far cry from hard SF, it’s maybe the right kind of book for the moment (and likely beyond) with its originality, dark humor, and the way that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Some of the chronology gets some major fast forwards to keep the story moving (almost like World War Z, if the plot was more Shaun of the Dead,) and the twists sometimes feel like fourth graders arguing on a playground or in the oval office (or the storytelling tropes of Axe Cop,) and that’s the charm of it. I’d rate this book 5 Chicken Soup Cans.

I got this book in exchange for a free and honest review. If you want to check out the link, you can find the book by clicking here.

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