State of Writing


My new Dekker’s Dozen story is written! Dropped about 18k words to begin a trilogy of novellas. I should round it out to something like 20,000 words by Christmas and release it to my mailing list. Hopefully I can complete another few stories in the future that will sync up the time travel elements between Waxing Arbolean Moon and the Last Watchmen. Weeds of Eden is a straight up adventure in space that lets the characters unfold. (My goal is to lump in Arbolean Moon with these three stories and eventually push it into another Dekker’s Dozen paperback before beginning another adventure based on the healed timeline elements after the Divine Machine’s correction noted at the end of the Last Watchmen (which has timeline implications to the Dozen to future stories and this mini-trilogy fills in the events just prior to Last Watchmen as a prequel but also allows for a new story to follow in the wake of its events.)

I think I’m getting the hang of Scrivener, at least the basic functionality (I haven’t really had to compile anything yet except for a few test exports.)

I was hard pressed to get it done considering I logged like 20+ hrs on the road last week–most of which was wheeltime, so  not much opportunity to write. Overall, not much vacating happened on my vacation (pretty typical of me). I will probably take a break next week and work on some personal projects until next week. If I do anything creative it will be to look into cover art and perhaps keep plugging away at the outlines for the Hidden Rings series.

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