Review: The Scent of Rain


Anne Montgomery’s The Scent of Rain is an all-too real story that chronicles the border-line Handmaid’s Tale that many young girls endure on the fringe elements of the LDS church.

Her characters are believable and relatable. From their initial introduction you can’t help but like Rose and Adan who are thrust together due to elements of their lives spinning out of control—but both desperately in search of escape and meet each other while doing just that.

While the book doesn’t dwell excessively on the details of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints church (the super-cringy cult one that marries off young girls to crusty old polygamists) it does bring up some of the issues regarding it within the context of the story. The truth doesn’t distract from the narrative and certainly lends to the villainy of the bad guys and pulls the reader into the POV of Rose and the societal dangers that she faces.

I don’t read much outside of my preferred genres, but this was one that interested me and struck a chord… and that was before I’d seen any of the Handmaid’s Tale.  It reminded me also a little bit of Electrick Children in all the right ways. It’s more than a coming of age story—for Rose and Adan, it’s a coming to life story.

While I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review I highly recommend the book. You can get a copy by clicking here.

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