State of Writing


I’m feeling kinda sick this weekend–probably fatigue after a 3 day con and very little water. Sokay–ibuprofen, black coffee, and a metalcore playlist on youtube are all helping.

Nanowrimo sounds fun, but it’s not something I’m going to do this year. I am, however, using my November to get a new Dekker’s Dozen adventure completed (which I will get sent out to my SF reading list.)

I recently decided to learn Scrivener… as much as I hate learning new software when I have something I already prefer (Word) I decided to look into it because of the built in methods it uses for outlining a story and a strong outline is needed for my upcoming Myrddin the Cambion series–the plots from each book will have significant impact on each other and so I need to keep my deets straight. Scrivener is only slightly more difficult to wrap your head around (I watched some youtube videos which helped me learn the system). I outlined one of the books and started sketching out the others when I decided I wanted to see it in action, for real. That’s what prompted the new Dekker’s Dozen story (which I’d been kicking around for a while anyways since so many people have been requesting it).

It started as one new adventure. yeah right… In the works now are three new adventures and probably a new novel. I’ll space them out and have no definite timeline for them except the first one (the first 3 are interlinked but will each be standalone stories–like separate episodes in the continuity.) The first will be released by Christmas. I dropped over 8,000 words on it since starting it on monday. I see no problem with finishing it by the weekend.

Secondary goals would be to also drop in on some libraries and continue plotting Myrddin the Cambion.


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