Fun With Trolls


Oh, trolls. I do get the occasional troll message. I guess I’m a bit thankful to Mr. for taking the time and effort away from Mom’s basement and lukewarm hot-pockets to become thoroughly acquainted with my books and locate my website in order to message me with his thoughts. They span from a detailed critique of my writing, cover art, and how only books by the big houses can be good and how I must be a cheapskate for not hiring Random House to publish me (I guess that’s how the industry works now).
Here, for you personal amusement is my latest troll. Bonus points if you read this rant aloud in the voice and accent of Moist from Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. I am glad that he has an in depth working knowledge of the publishing industry and can help right this sinking ship. At least this was good for a laugh… doubly so since he sent me a second email to reiterate that I am no good, not famous, have ugly nonsense books, and should never write again.

“I’m about to order your book but when i check your book in amazon your book are independent publishing or create space and I’m so disappointed if you are a good writer/author you will be in traditional publisher like Harper Collins / Penguin Random House / Hachette book group but I’m thinking why they will get your book since your books are nonsense. I guess you can not afford to publish your book in the publishing company that’s why you are looking for free. your not even a famous author and don’t think that you will be a famous your book is not good it’s ugly, not worth it for reading. you must stop writing nonsense books”


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