State of Writing


This coming week I’ve got to get edits back on Fear in a Land Without Shadows, and work on betas. Have any of my initial readers for Wolves of the Tesseract 2 finished? Email me!

I had a pretty great week all around last week. I have begun to learn how to use Scrivener and I see the potential (especially for editing and long term planning,) as huge… I had to do something to help me plot out the long and convoluted arcs and timetraveling nuances that comes from my upcoming project The Hidden Rings of Myrddin the Cambion which is essentially 6 stories written across 5 books which all interlink into one larger work (and I’m planning a couple tie-in characters that will link in our current Earth version in the Wolves of the Tesseract series.)

In order to really use Scrivener well I began a couple projects. I began to sketch up some outlines for Rings (starting with the last book first) and I began a new story, too. I logged over 2,000 words after outlining the first of three new Dekker’s Dozen stories which will potentially create a launching point to restart the timeline into a new universe following the end of The Last Watchmen (that sounds confusing, but makes sense if you read the story)… it includes some fun moments such as the birth of the romance between Dekker and Vesuvius… the eventual stabbing, and hopefully the giant plant monster and the orphanage (all events referenced in TLW).

Stranger Things 2 happened this week, plus I found a sweet score at a used book sale and picked up like 5 books I was missing from the Wheel of Time series (I’m waiting to read it until I have all the books collected in hardcover… just missing #4 The Shadow Rising and #7 Crown of Swords (but i have duplicates of 2 others.) If anyone wants to trade or donate, 4 or 7 let me know!

I want to finish the new Dozen story this week and I’d love to see some progress on my two novels in beta (TKR3 and WotT2) before I head out to Crypticon MPLS for the weekend. I’m taking a few days off this week and have almost 2 solid weeks of vacation after wed!


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