Review: Blockbuster Branding

51FeDin6ifLI don’t read lots of nonfiction, but I’ve been in a learning mood lately. Blockbuster Branding by Faith Faith has a few points to offer retailers and authors. Particularly in the aspect of naming your product, service, or book. While the book delves into a diet-version of the psychology it seems to spend a great amount of time trying to convince me to buy other products or services for brand marketing.

I got this book when it was free during a promo/free download period and agreed to review it for my blog at the author’s request. I’ve lately been reading up lots on branding and marketing, click funnels and sales/email automation in particular. Everything about this book felt like the author was trying to sell me on some other product or service (much like a click funnel or squeeze page might do to coerce the next step in a sale.) Maybe it’s how people write for sales, but it bothered me since this is a nonfiction book/how-to and I felt like there was more to the strategies… and I’d get it if I just buy the next book.

That’s not to say that there’s not information in the book. A lot of it is very basic (like naming strategies, phonetics, etc. But everyone needs to start at square one and it helps not to make an assumption that people have a basic understanding of branding/marketing.

Perhaps the strongest part of the book are the examples Faith uses to demonstrate marketing and branding techniques she is referring to. While this wasn’t a book that rocked my world, it might prove revelatory to someone relatively new to the business world or cutthroat world of street-level marketing and proves especially relevant to authors writing nonfiction (especially if you haven’t quite launched the book or brand just yet.)

You can check it out by clicking here and seeing if it’s the right type of book for you.


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