State of Writing


I completed all revisions on Fear in a Land Without Shadows last week and got it off to editing for final corrections. I’m very pleased with it and think it’s some of my best work ever (and it’s a huge book which reads something like Michael Crichton and Stephen King.)

So now what? Winter is getting close and it’s time to start looking at new projects. I’m gathering info on a nonfiction book about the enduring (and misguided) influence of Pat Pulling (who I think did more harm than good to the cause of Christ). I am also brainstorming and outlining the Hidden Rings of Mryddin the Cambion series which I hope to begin writing next year. (Time traveling gunslingers, pirates teleported to space, robin hood vs vampires, epic viking and samurai team-ups, plus a quest to save Merlin. It’s got something for everyone!)


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