Review: The Muse


The Muse, by Arjay Lewis is a weighty tome. The size and feel of it help give it a certain, desirable feel as I read through the book (so definitely spring for the paperback) that I normally get when holding a big, scary book (King, for example.)

While I found Lewis to be unlike King in many aspects (mainly, he didn’t wax eloquent for thousands of words as he digressed,) I had a very Dean Koontz vibe as I read The Muse. Maybe that’s because I’ve been watching old episodes of Twin Peaks and I got a distinct feeling of similar tropes from the second half of the original show (after Laura Palmer’s killer was found but a new serial killer was on the loose—the show turned down the weirdness factor, but it was still a paranormal detective thriller). If the first half was King and the second half was Koontz, The Muse certainly lands in the second half.

Lewis’s writing was tight and the book had a good flow and vibrant characters. The tension between Court and Trajan is palpable and their mutual hatred is felt. Godwine is relatable (especially as an author, the character’s profession—I’ve had the sort of dreams and experiences thrust upon Godwine, and so Lewis certainly writes what he knows and understands people will relate.)

As far as supernatural detective thrillers go, this story is more Fallen (the 1998 Denzel Washington movie) than it is Dresden. That said, I loved Fallen and I think you’ll like The Muse, pick it up asap!

I did get a copy of the book for free in exchange for a review. You can get a copy by clicking here.

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