State of Writing


I set some big goals last week… and then smashed them. I edited like 45,000 words last week–lots of late nights but The Kakos Realm (book 3) Death Upon the Fields of Splendor is done with my revisions and will be heading to beta readers soon!

Not much for my goals this week after such a big one. I’m monkeying a little this week with Fear in a Land Without Shadows and hope to query another round to lit agents with it. I’ll maybe work on some outlines for future TKR books and the Hidden Rings of Myrddin the Cambion. The Kakos Realm has blown open on a Game of Thrones-like epic scale (in the second book the crew spread into diaspora and now there are multiple main storylines each affecting each other… time to compile the 50 or so pages of notes into something a little more streamlined for the next 4 books).

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