Review: Trust in Axion

I wasn’t sure what to find in between the covers of Trust in Axion, by Bruce Meyer. I desperately want to design a new cover for him because the subpar MS Paint cover does not match the tight and focused writing that leaps off the first page and I found the opening sentence to be a good hook.

The story is a mad dash to try and fix the initial science problem gone awry. The cast is interesting and personalities read as distinct and unique, each working his or her own angles.

I don’t know how much of the science is accurate, but much of it felt very high-tech and much of it was entirely else (scenery ranged somewhere in between Walter’s lab on fringe and starfleet’s Academy with vivid scenery.) It’s not an overly long read and so it’s a perfect read for an afternoon.

I picked up a copy for free. You can get yours on Amazon

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