State of Writing


My last week went off the rails. I spent the better half of it putting out fires. My biggest fundraiser of the year (I work for a nonprofit) was set in lemming mode and kept trying to self-destruct. Keeping up with the chaos was difficult since my cellphone was destroyed by gokarts on the friday prior. Five days and half an ulcer later I wrapped up and went into my weekend at the MN Fanfest comicon which was pretty fun, but sales were pretty low and attendance was somewhat starved due to the Renfest and MN State fair also opening the same time. Still, got to hang with lots of cool people and hit my sales marks, so all went well.

That said… I didn’t do much for writing except finish up some of the more difficult article edits in the Indie Author’s Bible. I’d like to have it polished up and ready for editing in two weeks (I’ll have to forego working on fiction, so I’ll need to come back to TKR3’s revisions with a lot of gusto).

Also, somewhere in the mix I’ve got a new book coming out: John in the John should be released within a month!

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