State of Writing


I got my requisite chapter completed! But barely. I forgot how big some of those chapters are. The Kakos Realm is a wholly different animal compared to my other stories: chapters are about twice the length, prose is a bit higher brow (though I’m editing out some of the purple prose I occasionally slid into–most of this story was originally written a decade ago, right after the initial first parts and I can see how my writing has improved and tightened since then.)

Another of last weeks accomplishments were to finish a WIP cover for TKR3 as well as for my new nonfiction mystery project.

Maybe you noticed that my writing column did post last wed? It should be straightened out now.

I may or may not edit a chapter this week (but I’d guess I get to it). My main goal is to work on some more on the articles needed for my new nonfic which I’ll unveil soon.

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