State of Writing


I had a great book signing in the Mankato Mall’s B&N… almost sold out of books there (despite it seeming slow. I asked the manager for the best sales hours and so we did an event in the evening. Always default to local expertise.) Those people who were in the store were serious shoppers. One lady bought a copy of all my titles they carried, another was looking for bookclub ideas, and another awesome family of readers and fellow nerds had an armload of books and I got to help their teenage son get a couple of mine and then shop for other stories in the SF/F section with him to guide him towards some stuff I thought he might like. That’s a total win. (also a newspaper interview and stuff.)

I really did not do much on my writing besides some blogging (I try to keep at least a month’s worth of articles scheduled in advance.) My art team has pulled together some good stuff. Final pages of the WotT comic are still coming in and I had a deviantart user complete a repaint of my cover for TKR1 so that it matches the second book (more of a fantasy oil-painting) so that the motif stays consistent.

An email went out to my mailing list about beta readers for WotT2 (contact me if you want to read it and provide feedback—be forewarned, it’s bigger, badder, and darker…about 400 pages.) I will begin edits on TKR3 this week! As soon As that’s done I can start sketching out The Hidden Rings of Myrddin the Cambion.

TKR1 cover redux.jpg
cover comparison

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