10 low-key nonelectronic marketing ideas



Here is an interesting graphic from the folks over at christianpublishers.net. Some of these may seem a little outside the realm of normal marketing tactics, but I’m all about finding something new. Too many people get caught up in doing the same thing everyone else is doing.

Sometimes what everyone else is doing is what has been tried, tested, and true, but often it’s an easy way to get lost in the crowd and Indies desperately need to stand out. While I can’t swear to all of the efficacy of all of them (especially since I live in a rural area and half of them aren’t even possible for me [no HOAs or local XN papers,]) anything to set you apart is worth a shot, provided its positive and well done.

A week ago I wrote about some advice given by a venerable author and linked to his blog. If you read it you may have noted his distrust of “blog tours.” Honestly, I do share that same reticence. It’s good to do it when it presents itself, but I’ve not seen much success with it for the reasons he pointed out: it seems like everyone does them and there’s not much quality control… blog tours seem an easy way to got lost in a flow of low quality stuff. Separate yourself from the noise when possible and be creative; use your ideas to highly target your audience (like my comic book I had produced as a promo vehicle for my novel, Wolf of the Tesseract.)

I particularly like the bathroom stall and cable TV ideas, especially if it helps target your niche market… does your book apply to an older generation or have localized interest? Cable TV is great (and probably free). Is it sports centered or appeal to guys especially? Many advert services provide space right above the restroom urinals where guys’ eyes are going to be locked for about 45 seconds.


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