State of Writing


So I got my chapter done for the week (pretty busy with work latley, finally picking up a lot of the things that I’ve been letting slide while kids are in during the school year, paperwork, grant requests, etc) but I’d hoped for two. I’d like to write four over the next week (maybe the holiday weekend will help with that?) I’ll be satisfied with two, though. I srealized that my outline for the final battle wasn’t as clear as I needed it to be–and it was pretty pivotal to go back and reketch the final moments. It’s not just a “seat of the pants” straight-laced battle that I can easily power my way through: there aremany different sides playing different angles, working alliances, and playing off their spies’ intel. lots of little threads that need resolving and attention during the final showdown–waaaay more than the first book… so I spent some time fleshing that out so I could get writing again.

I also did a book signing at a Barnes & Nobles. It was maybe my worst book event in the last couple years… I learned a few things about being specific with expectations. I’m prety sure the store wasn’t happy with my sales numbers, either (pretty low attendence what with the upcoming holiday and all–but more on that in a future blog). I was actually behind the door… like off to the side and in an alcove, so customers entering couldn’t see me unless they turned around in the middle of the store and looked back at the entrance (and by that time they’d already zeroed in on what they were looking for,) or until they had checked out and were leaving. Lesson learned… ask for a spot facing the door to engage customers when they arrive rather than thank them as they depart.

Filmed a television interview for PBS and BBQed almost 150lbs of meat, too. All in all, ready to complete WotT2 over the next couple weeks and begin edits on TKR3! Also excited for some of the new Cons to hit my calendar through the rest of the year!

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