Help Launch my Comic Book #Kickstarter and support #literacy and #freecomicbooks

We’ll do a full cover-art reveal once this project’s funding reaches 50%!

When I was in 7th grade one of my teachers commented, “Reading is so important that, if all he would read is comic books, I’d buy my son a subscription to every title he wanted. It’s the foundation to everything.”  A few years prior I’d gotten into comics when my grandmother gave me a box of classic golden-age titles she pulled out of storage. It certainly opened my mind to new worlds.

My crowd-funder is meant to do the same thing–inspire other readers by giving away a free comic book. The comic book, being developed by myself and my art team, is an original “one-shot” comic and a prequel to my Wolf of the Tesseract series. I’ve got agreements with 6+ local comicons who want to distribute a total of 5,000-10,000 copies of this for free to people–especially to young readers.

I’m launching this fundraiser to 1. encourage child/teen literacy by getting something in front of a specific, targeted audience and 2. promote my YA fiction series. The crossover from comics to the novel will be easy because the comic sets the stage and action that occurs in the novel and encouraging teens to read larger, print books is my ultimate goal!

The Kickstarter campaign is not meant as a money-making vehicle. The funds raised are only a portion of the costs necessary to develop, print, ship, and distribute 5,000 copies of the comic book; $2,500 is not a significant sum, but I’m only trying to cover enough of the actual cost to put books in kids’ hands; once we exceed that amount, additional funds will go towards purchasing more printed copies and paying for a stretch goal. I’ve already committed to paying the art team from my own pocket and cover artist Rebecca Alexander donated her art as a favor!

Please join this ambitious project and be a part of something amazing (and get your name listed in the thank-you/credits page!) Check it out by clicking here:

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