State of Writing


Lots happened over the weekend. I did my writing and blogging and then I used a vacation day I’d banked a while back to get out and film a set of television interviews which will run in the Twin Cities . I also sat with a blogger and recorded a podcast that day and finalized a book signing for Barnes & Nobles in St. Cloud. The big thing for me, however, is the huge comicon coming up this weekend. Come on out and chill with me at Wizard World Minneapolis (if you still need tickets, get them online and use coupon code AUTHOR to get 20% off).

My other big iron in the fire is the comic book I’m producing as a prequel to Wolf of the Tesseract. It will be done by the end of June and I’m planning to give away between 5,000 and 10,000 copies at different comicons I will attend in the upper Midwest (MN and the surrounding states). I’ve got agreements in place for distribution (“first 1,000 convention attendees” will get a free comic at the door kinda thing). Now, I’ve just got to crowd fund the rest of the costs. It’s actually pretty low for a comicbook kickstarter—I’ve just got to get the word out there as broad as possible later this week when I launch. (If you’re an author and want an advert for your book, we’re talking thousands of readers with targeted marketing for pretty cheap! Contact me for info!


I did realize that if my current novel will be done on time I’m going to need to speed up my writing from one chapter per week to two for the rest of the month. That should be possible. I usually accelerate on the homestretch anyway. I’ll try for two chapters this week but commit to one and see how it goes (especially once I launch the comic promo.)

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