Don’t be afraid to go nuclear on your FB Ads


If you are fortunate enough to get some good activity on your social media ads, there are a few things you want to keep an eye on. I get a lot of traffic on the ad for my nonfiction book and thought I’d remind you that an advertisement has one purpose: to sell product.

My popular ad appropriately represents my book, Why Your Pastor Left, which addresses a very niche topic and helps people work through a difficult topic that is often fraught with pain and fresh struggle. It specifically targets certain keywords and an audience who has shown interest in most major pastors, authors, and ministers—I know that the statistics of the problem mean that almost anyone with an active faith-walk who attends church will encounter this or has already. Not everybody is friendly to faith, however. If you’ve followed my blog or delve into the archives you will see that a certain segment of the population feels entitled to troll faith-writers and villainize people who believe differently—I’ll come out and say it: usually atheists who can’t handle opposing viewpoints or logic that doesn’t coincide with their emotions.

That probably sounded like a digression… but it’s not. Whatever side of the aisle you sit on or whether you attend a church, mosque, or none you will discover that most of the world is very small-minded and violently reactive. You can post a photo to social media of yourself with a giant tomato you grew in your garden and find snarky comments in short order from people asking if your secretly working with Monsanto or have injected GMOs into the fruit (as if that’s really a thing). Most people don’t really know what a GMO is, but that doesn’t stop them from vomiting on your happiness. It’s what people do—and we do it well… we do it frequently because we think that sitting on this side of the keyboard somehow protects us and makes our ideas bigger and better than they are.

Back to my ad—something you need to do is keep a handle on responses and comments. It is nice to have a high comment count. My ad had about 150 comments the first time I ran it and is well north of 50 again as people ask questions and leave thoughts on the topic. Most of them haven’t yet read the book. Those belligerent social justice warriors I mentioned above? I’ve deleted dozens of comments such as “your pastor left because he was probably caught diddling children” and “he left because he realized god is a figment of stupid people’s imagination.”

When you run an ad for your book remember that it is not a public forum! You do not have to leave nasty comments up. You are in complete control and you can AND SHOULD exercise nuclear authority to delete and ban antagonists and trolls. Your ad’s goal is to sell product, anything that doesn’t somehow contribute to that goal should be removed.

Don’t mind trolls—they flock to anything that generates an audience for them to fling poo at. It’s what trolls do, so don’t let their opinions bother you. Advertisements are meant to help you and are paid for by you—so don’t let anyone hijack your promo vehicle.

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