Review: Descendants


Rae Else’s Descendants was a quality read and I found it intriguing and engaging. It has a Percy Jackson kind of flair (which I noticed especially in the buildup of the main character,) but this world views the gifting of powers as more of a type of curse than a gift (kind of like how Marvel Comics has happy super-powered people like Spiderman but then it’s also got all of the X titles with its signature mutant characters… As much as I love Spidey, I’m more of an X-men fan than any other title, so I may have been genetically predispositioned to like this book.) Within the first few chapters there’s a great scene that drives home the severity of the situation (El is talking to her grandmother who also had a “gift/power” but chose instead to lose her eyes rather than live with it.

Characterization is great and writing is tight. Honestly, one of the things that made me want to review this ARC (it’s not quite out yet) was the cover. It all just seemed right—and when an author has everything coming together like this it’s a book that’s sure to do well. (and it promises to have more future releases by its subtitle: Book one in the Arete Series).

As far as genre goes, this title is urban fantasy which has an ever present and growing demand (think fantastic elements also present, but perhaps hidden from most, within the real world ya silly muggle.) It really does have a Percy Jackson twist, but with a more Twilight tone.

You will have to wait until April 12 to get a copy (but should be able to preorder). I received a prerelease ARC for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. You can get your own copy on Amazon.

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