State of Writing


Worked pretty hard and hit it hard on Monday… then life wouldn’t seem to ease up and so I didn’t write in my new novel until the weekend. I did, however, manage to take away some time for discussions with a publisher regarding one of my projects (a legit traditional publishing house who is registered through the CSPA). In fact, I had multiple contract offers previously for the manuscript I had pitched… eventually turning those publishers down in favor of waiting for a better one to come along. I’ll make an announcement later when/if I sign the contract. (I’ve written about shady contract protocol before and bad precedents set by publishers in the POD era).

That said, I’d best be cautious not to over-commit my time this week. I’m hoping for another chapter in WotT2, but I may need to spend some time working on readying a manuscript and revising the illustrations for it.

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