State of Writing


Last week I set a goal of simply writing the next chapter which I had just barely started. I took my laptop with to a few appointments and half of them stood me up giving me some free time to write. I hit my goal and then wrote another chapter over the weekend while my wife was out with friends. Then I just kept going and started a third chapter… a big one. I’m hoping to finish this chapter this week (my new goal) but if I can write two, even better. I think I need to write about a chapter and a half each week to finish it on the timeline I’m hoping for.

I’ve also got pretty good headway on Wolves of the Tesseract: Taking of the Prime, a prequel comic book I’m developing with some talented artists overseas. I still want to have it available in early May for a comicon. We might make it. I’ll have to see. Expect seeing a possible kickstarter to help me defray the costs of having a couple thousand comicbooks printed. I’ve just got one thing to say. It’s. Really. Good.

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