Review: Adam


Adam takes place in a not-too distant world full of androids, FTL travel, and teenage bullies. Adam is unlike the other boys and the story is one of self-discovery as he travels beyond the orphanage he’s grown up within only to discover that there is a power within that is not common to mankind.

I did feel like Adam was pretty mopey at times. But I suppose I would be too if I grew up in an orphanage and accidentally killed people more often than I wanted (even if they maybe have it coming.) The artificially intelligent androids were perhaps the best part, in my opinion. They were decidedly less asmovian and perhaps a more humanized version of ST:TNG’s Lt. Data (not necessarily in appearance, but in the way they think and “feel”… it was nuanced well.)

Some of the existing reviews indicate it is an adult fiction book but it has a distinctly YA feel to the voicing and it felt one part A.I. and one part Ender’s Game.

You can go check it out by clicking here.

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