State of Writing


I honestly don’t remember my writing goals and some kind of error on the blog won’t let me access last Monday’s post so I can’t check. Oh well. I had a cray week. It really drained me (mostly stuff from my real-life job). I did, however have a great book signing at one of MN’s largest Barnes and Nobles. I met quite a few new readers and got some good insight from the managers on how to do a signing the way that they prefer. I’ll publish a blog about that in a few weeks.

Can’t quite remember if I wrote this week or last week (It’s all blending together at this point) but I’m somewhere knee-deep in chapter 2 of my current novel. I’d like to finish it this week and record at least two chapters of an audiobook I was commissioned as voice talent to do. Mainly, though, this is a media week. I’ve been setting up some events with libraries, a book club in Minneapolis, and a cable access television show from the metro area (I met the host this weekend when she bought one of my books).

Tally ho.

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