Noteworthy Book News: Family Christian Book Stores closing… yes, all of them.


The largest brick and mortar retailer of Christian books and merchandise is closing its door after eightyfive years. I wonder how much of that is related to the fact that the term “Brick and Mortar” is actually a thing. Basically, they couldn’t keep step with the pace of the world (technology, trends, etc.) especially in regards to selling a product in the age of POD, Indies, and online distribution. I think theirs is a lesson for both book sellers and Christians in general–if we aren’t alive, active, and walking within the ebb and flow of the world at large we will become stagnant, irrelevant, and die. The Bible would talk about this as being salty vs. being worthless. I’ll stop preaching now, but that’s in my nature.

What does their closing mean for writers? I think it shows a bunch of things–Indie authors may have an easier time in online venues where the purchasers of books will be pushed to, but it means the burden to prove your legitimacy is even higher as the market might swell some. I think it may also bode well for mom and pop faith-based retail stores. Other, smaller chains may feel it’s okay to drop franchise titles and be independent in the future. Overall, I’m not sure how I feel about FCS’s closing.I’m at least a little discouraged (if a big player like them can’t make it, what kind of chance do I have? …and then I think of books like Twilight or 50 Shades and realize my chances might be fine.)

Read more about their closing here:

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