Review: Kayos-The Bad and the Worse


Kayos features a diverse cast of characters intertwined in a future dystopia and featuring a twisty love story. The intolerance of the future might be a little all-too-real, but that makes the book convincing.

The story is certainly character heavy, which is certainly the direction storytelling must go with dystopia—which has become something of a dime-a-dozen trope. If you don’t have people like Lareina, Christian, Mckade, and Yukiyo moving the story it would just be more noise on the book shelf. I did especially enjoy the occasional text exchanges between characters. Also, Christian is cold as ice, and he owns it in a way that doesn’t make him unhuman.

The only thing that irked me somewhat is that it sometimes felt very YA. That’s not usually a concern, but if it was YA it might find its way into different hands. I guess I’m saying that this should maybe have a broader audience than what it’s listed under. There are adult novels with teen protagonists and then there are YA novels which nearly ALWAYS feature teenage main characters.

Check it out here, and also search for Tracy Ball’s other novels.

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