Review: Dahler & Nicholls Fight Crime (Crime Wins)


I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect when I agreed to review Dahler & Nicholls Fight Crime (Crime Wins). I don’t remember what I expected (in fact, I’d quite lost track of the fact that I’d even agreed to it as I keep a pretty regular slew of things in my reading pile—and then it arrived in the mail and jogged my memory.)  I’m only certain that I didn’t really expect this. I was pleasantly surprised.

While growing up I read about everything I could get my hands on and Dahler & Nicholls reminds me of a few comic collections my grandmother had and brought on some of the feels. It most reminded me of some Marmaduke collections I’d read because of the art style and format (single pane comic installments) and the character of Nicholls made me think of a witless Dick Tracy, but that’s probably because his suit and hat are yellow on the cover.

The humor leans whimsical and into irony so it’s a light-hearted read. The only thing that threw me was the size of the book (8.5 x 11). I thought it was a coloring book when I got it in the mail. There’s no real gripe there—I’m just familiar with a format that’s so much smaller (like a 5 x 8) so it threw me a bit at first, but I’d recommend this title. You can get a copy of Dahler & Nicholls Fight Crime by clicking here.

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