State of Writing


So much happened last week. I started writing the sequel to Wolf of the Tesseract and nearly finished the prologue. I also sat down to talk with a man who found my nonfiction book on the internet and arranged to meet and discuss the book and how I might be able to help with HIS research. That was pretty cool.

I went to the #mnww Minnesota Writers Workshop which I’d been planning on for almost two years, now. Not only did I learn a ton, but I also got the chance to meet some agents and pitch them Fear in a Land Without Shadows. I’ve got agents requesting chapters 🙂
I also met some other authors, two of whom were also faith-based writers.

Beyond that, I discovered my Kakos Realm series was also mentioned in the UK spec fic podcast. Super cool… now I just need to decide two things. 1. Will I attend Realm Makers writers conference this summer in Reno (they have a teen track I could take my daughter to–she is a budding writer–and Ted Dekker is the keynote speaker). 2. If I go to Realm Makers where I would have the opportunity to pitch faith-based agents and publishers,  should I switch gears and begin my Hidden Rings of Myrddin the Cambion series? My thoughts are that too much attention on WotT might distract from a new book with another, bigger publisher and it would be easier to get another publisher/agent if I had something fresh and new–on the other hand, perhaps someone like Castle Gate Press might like to pick up the series (but I’d have to show very strong sales from the first book). Lots to think about.

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