I came across a great article last night while doing some reading. It brings up both the psychology about how we decide what kind of fiction we prefer (based on the question, “what kind of setting is our ideal paradise?”) and how Sci-Fi and Fantasy are barely even a mention within the Christian genre of fiction. They’ve got plenty of Amish Romance, but Amish Vampires in Space is a no-no.

The crazy thing is (and nobody talks about it, although I did hear Chip Ingram’s radio sermon briefly touch on it,) Romance-novel escapism is basically the equivalent to porno-mags for many people. They are wholesale endorsed (as long as there are no exposed, rippling muscles on the cover, and references to a “turgid member” are kept to a minimum,) by the Christian market. We can thank Pat Pulling‘s spec-fic McCarthyism for that… but more on that topic later. It will be the subject of a future nonfiction I’m working on.

Check out the intriguing article, Why Does Christian Romance Outsell Christian Fantasy?

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