Review: Bloodrooted


You can feel the tropes interwoven through Bloodrooted. Vampires, and werewolves, and government operatives, oh my. I received a copy of the book in exchange for a review from Mr. Costas. I should probably mention right here that my first statement isn’t something I see as a bad thing. I love tropes. People who love werewolves vs vampires REALLY LOVE the genre… so it helps identify what we’re going to like. (although I mean werewolves figuratively and as a part of the overall gothic “world of darkness theme” …this book only deals with the less furry aspects of the horror genre and the book doesn’t actually touch on them… so think Twilight #1 but not #2–scratch that… nothing should be compared to Twilight. these vampires don’t sparkle).

Strengths? Costas does really well with dialogue and with character building. He brought Kane into the story in such a way that you want to know more (and then more certainly unfolds.) Some of the other characters feel more wooden, but that only compounds your interest in the main character.

Weaknesses? The writing could be tighter and suffers from some common mistakes authors make earlier in their careers–but the storyline does trump that. Not sure that I like the cover. I do and I don’t all at the same time. I’ll get over it. My formatting did seem wonky–but I didn’t get mine delivered through Amazon/Kindle, so it’s probably not an issue if you buy the consumer copy.

Overall: it has a feel of so many good stories mashed up (Daybreakers, Underworld, hints of the Matrix at times.) If you like werewolves and vampires, this is one you will want to follow.

You can check the story out here.

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