The Crazy Side of Blogging & Writing


So yeah. There’s a lot of idiots out there and all of them feel entitled to put others down and go crazy with their opinions. I think this post is a bit of a PSA to warn those who would engage me in all forms of jackassery that I do rebroadcast your nonsense for the rest of the world to shake their head at. (I had to post another recent gem from an author who did almost the exact same thing and also resorted to name calling and profanity because of his failure to read submissions guidelines.)

Most of the garbage I get thrown on me is from authors who fail to properly read my submissions guidelines which I’ve clearly posted must be adhered to for writers to get a book review posted on my site. Today I got a wonderful gem from an author who didn’t like getting my occasional newsletter (or the fact that I believe in Jesus/identify as a Christian.) He not only failed to read what genres I read/review (none of his books fit and he never received one,) but he failed to see “When you pitch me you understand that you will be put on my occasional mailing list.” (under the heading “What I require when requesting a review.”)

For your viewing pleasure, “a lesson in how to be a dick on the internet:”

Reply from my mailchimp campaign with some book giveaways in which I mention
“PLEASE leave me highly positive reviews on those titles–they help other people find the books and decide to purchase. It’s the most important way that readers can help and it’s all I really wanted for Christmas… you will also notice that there are 1-star reviews on each title left by atheists whose only problem with the books are that they are Christian in nature and so they’ve tried to hurt my author reputation by leaving flame/troll negative reviews. Your 5 star review helps reverse those!”

Here is the well-thought out response of a quality author with an excellent command of grammar.

Do your promotional scumbag I am an atheist to tell bother me with your religious crap
Martin Kimeldorf

I figure, being thoughtful and kind is always the best way to meet insanity. I’ve italicized the actual remarks about atheism I’m referring to in the above.

I’ve got no problem with your atheism,  sir. And calling a scumbag is pretty bad form… the same kind of trolling ive been trying to avoid: people judging me and my writing because of my beliefs rather than who I am or my actual writing.

Can I venture a guess that your reactionary insult is because YOU have been judged or put down because of your beliefs (or nonbelief)? If thats the case, can I say I’m sorry on behalf of real Christians? Some of us do things wrong and are unworthy of the title. Levying hate and vitriol should be the opposite of what either side of the faith line is pushing.

I think if you reread my message you’ll find that i did not insult atheists or atheism, I merely identified them (which is how they identified themselves through review or personal messages). Being a Christian doesn’t mean i become a “keyboard warrior” and cut other viewpoints down with negative reviews and neither should it have any part of atheism, both sides of the issue should be civil and be intellectual and theological positions rather than a radicalized movement to drown out opposing viewpoints, which is what “trolling” (or leaving negative reviews on unread titles) is.

Please, let’s keep it civil.

Guess what. He didn’t like the idea of civil conversation. Somehow Donald J Trump is responsible for me not giving him a book review and putting him on my mailing list (per his submission requirements?)

One simple word did you vote for Trump?
Therein lies the meat of this email… also you passed your spam you started this…and yes I see your letter as an attack on atheism
You can’t make this stuff up. I wanted to tell him I am a Libertarian and that whom I voted for–if I exercised that right–had no connection to the conversation. I wanted to open his brain and show him how his emails are the 100101101 equivalent of the hypocritical riots happening down on the UC Berkley Campus where they fight for free speech by setting fire to the campus in order to prevent someone they don’t like from speaking. That and so much more. Instead, I stuck to facts… I’ve been casting too many pearls before swine lately, anyhow.
Everything you just said drips with logical fallacy and the presumption that all Christians are the same. I am choosing not to entertain your blind rage and judgements.
also, I just want to be clear that you opted into my email list when you asked me for a book review a while back. I’m going to assume you want off that list and unsubscribe you.
He did go on to continue emailing me with more insults (somehow I’m a religious bigot and am dishonest because I use my review service to grow an email list.) You can’t argue with stupid and so I blocked him. If you want to check him out, maybe Mr. Martin Kimeldorf has something to say in his books… but I’m no longer listening–and I can’t can’t assume anyone subject to whims of blind rage and wild accusation will have content I find at ease reading.

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