State of Writing


I felt productive on all fronts–even if it wasn’t largely visible in any particular areas. I had a phone call with publishing company that was interested in John in the John… it doesn’t mean anything in particular except that they do have some interest and have editors looking at it. I have a revised draft of it about 1/4 completed and I’m looking into some copublishing options as well in case I don’t have any strong leads by summer.

I’m also getting excited to write Wolves of the Tesseract Book 2: Through the Darque Gate of Koth (I finally nailed down a title.) The outline is completed and I wrote like six pages of storyline notes, descriptions, etc. to help sculpt and guide the book.

I laid some groundwork for marketing ideas, too. Collected about 200 email addresses from indie bookstores and set a few calendar items for the future (a signing at Barnes & Nobles, added a small comicon in Minneapolis, and applied for another big event I’m hoping to attend with books).

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