Review: Wizard’s Key


Wizard’s Key by Mitch Reinhardt and I found it well written and interesting. Geoff is a student whose dad is an archeologist, but his home has a bunch of stuff in it making it more like that place where they stashed the Ark of the Covenant at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie. It seemed a little like a YA version of Warehouse 13 goes to school.

Geoff, plus friends Jane and Sawyer, (ok, Sawyer is more of Geoff’s school bully) wind up thrust into a magical adventure with the expected tropes and bestiary. Friendships are forged and dangers are overcome in a world that feels something like Harry Potter (for writing feel/age level and appeal) adventures through Golaria (the world feels grander and more expansive than Rowling’s wizard/muggle dichotomy).

Oh, and it’s called the Darkwolf Saga for a reason. If you don’t like werewolf books, steer clear—but it’s much more HP: Prisoner of Azkaban than it is Twilight… I’m saying that’s a good thing—although I love almost any werewolf story (on that note, check out the wolves in my own dark fantasy saga, The Kakos Realm.) I’m looking forward to the next three planned stories in the story arc.

You can check out the book at Amazon by clicking here

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