State of Writing


I’m very nearly done with a Novella I’m working on titled One Star. It’s kind of an unrelated book 1.5 for Wolf of the Tesseract and writing it helped me get my creativity flowing for Wolves of the Tesseract: Subtitle Here (trying to nail down a specific title… The Lost Temple of Koth, Into/Opening the Darque, The Sign of Akko Soggathoth, Seven Heralds). One Star is about an author who kidnaps a notorious Amazon reviewer and tortures him, but the details from the writer’s book seem a little too real and begin to overtake his mind. The details of his book (titled Black Goat) tie directly into the plot I’m outlining for WotT2. I’m thinking about making it a free release to everyone on my mailing list and probably will not try to have it published in a fiction outlet.
Also I brainstormed a little more for a 5 book Young Readers novel series I want to work on titled The Hidden Rings of Myrddin the Cambion. Each book will be about 40k words (minimum novel length) so each is more like a long Novella and I ought to be able to sit down and write all 5 straight through (I hope, anyway)… all 5 should be something like the first two Kakos Realm Books combined.
Speaking of TKR, book 2 is in the hands of readers and I should have final edits done and have the book released around Feb 1. I’m thinking about doing a print collection of my short stories as well… mainly as something else to sell when I do conventions, but I’ve got a LOT of written works completed and some of them don’t work in an electronic format (mainly due to rights issues). I also don’t have the time/ambition/whatever to submit so many stories to a bunch of magazines over and over. As an indie who does lots of events where I meet readers face to face and have opportunities to put copies into hands it might be better to use it as a promo/direct sale vehicle than anything else.

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