State of Writing

I’m feeling pretty good about this last week and the rest of the year. I think I’ll make my goal of having the next draft of my horror novel done before New Years. I’m 150 pages deep on the edits. I’m 80k words deep into a total of 105k and edited like 80 pages last week. Plus I go on vacation mid-week, so I’m feeling pretty optimistic and would like to have it done by this week if possible so I can start on my pitch letter for it. I’m going to have that polished and shine up a presentation for pitching agents this spring.

The next couple weeks have scheduled book reviews in progress and I’ve already got a months worth of blog material written and ready for release so I should be freed up to concentrate on my next couple projects.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve notice one little wrinkle: with the crazy online flurry for holiday shopping my book ads are lost in the mix and can’t compete with the more expensive budgets of dropshippers, etc. I think I’ve spent less than a quarter in the past week and my ads have rarely been shown… crossing my fingers for post-NYE to see it bounce back.

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