Twitter Pitch Contests?


I feel like I’m pretty well up to speed on things in the author world. If you’ve been following my blog, you might agree. But here’s the thing, I’m really not.
At least, not as much as I’d like to think. Typically I spend a lot more time making new worlds than engaging in the real world. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you know that and take steps to overcome the situation.

Last year I went to a writers conference in Boston hosted by @ChuckSambuchino who puts out the annual Writer’s Market guide to publishers and literary agents. When hit asked who was familiar with things like #pitpub, #pitmad, or #pit2pub I suddenly realized how bad I am at utilizing Twitter.

While getting ready to do the 2017 MN Writers Workshop in St Paul–after a 3 year absence in my state I thought I ought to revisit the idea. (Go ahead and check out the conference… I’m actually in the event photo–hairy guy in the lower left corner! Mama always said I was pretty.)

I still don’t know as much about Twitter or about #pitchwars kinds of submissions events but I consider myself a real author and so I thought I’d look into it more. If that describes you as well you might check out some links I compiled to help ease you into the scene.

Here are 3 great resources on the topic: info and advice pitch contest schedule pitch wars info/home

I’m still brushing up on my pitches (being that short is hard). Here are a few samples of what I’m working on. (shooting for at least 3 pitches to alternate during a contest)

Earth’s last 300 humans fear the dark, but the lights begin failing. A barren OB & her brother with Down’s syndrome must join a recluse to turn back a 2nd demonic Armageddon.

An infertile obstetrician & man w/downs syndrome team are trapped in a bunker w/an atheist & priest and must stop a demon bent on apocalypse

happy tweeting. If you’re coming to the

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