20 Signs You’re a Sci-fi Reader

When you’re done with this blog, go get a shiny new copy of Dekker’s Dozen

quick disclaimer, I totally lifted the idea from Author J.S.Morrin’s blog post 20 Signs You’re a Fantasy Reader (http://www.jsmorin.com/2013/11/20-signs-youre-fantasy-reader)

If you’re like me and have read a ton of science fiction from the golden age and beyond then you’ve probably internalized enough of those tropes to make you feel as appealing as a scruffy looking nerf herder. Here are my top 20 that I literally jotted down in a spare 10 minutes.

1. If you ever got mad at the Halo franchise for not calling it a Niven ring.
2. If the topic Star Wars vs Star Trek has ever been listed as “off limits” during a social gathering.
3. When people skeptically looked at your junky, first car you replied “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.”
4. You own a high quality replica tricorder, sonic screwdriver, or any other handheld SF film device.
5. You avoid any shirt more than 80% red
6. You already know what color your lightsaber blade should be (bonus points if you’ve ever sketched out the handle).
7. You only allow references to Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal.
8. Driving through snowy weather is always referred to as Hyperspace.
9. You’ve ever tried to give a secret message in binary code.
10. You and your friends have had serious discussions about the science and practicality of lasers.
12. You make Battlestar Galactica references every time you go to Starbucks.
13. The word Quark conjures up at least two mental images.
14. You’ve engaged in 10+minutes worth of debate over why Jar Jar has ruined everything holy.
15. Not only do you know what the acronym TARDIS stands for, but you have a fierce opinion about which actor was the best Doctor
16. You have a preference for which type of Mech or a class of starcraft you’d like to pilot.
17. You draw political parallels and advice from Babylon 5.
18. You have a cosplay costume hanging in your closet right now and are actively seeking excuses to don it.
19. You know more than a little about xenomorph biology, predator culture, or the weyland yutani corporation.
20. You know any words in klingon.

Have a favorite on this list or something else to add? Let me know in the comments!


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