State of Writing

I stall #amediting on the second fantasy novel–I hit the previous weeks goals last week in lieu of not making them then, so I completed final edits on two chapters instead of just the one. Dunno how I managed that since I had such a crazy week (took a bunch of teens to a youth camp all weekend and was pretty fried by the end of it and didn’t really start my week till Wed, even)… I guess I found little pockets of time to work on a paragraph here and there. The little things add up. I guess writing is kinda like life in that regard.

I’m eager to finish Rise of the Dragon Impervious and get to the next piece. (Second draft of Fear in a Land Without Shadows and then a rewrite/expansion of a paranormal YA that needs some attention and I feel like taking the indie-route with this spring.) I think I’m mainly so eager to finish because it was originally written alongside Grinden Proselyte and as one larger body of work so when I finished GP it felt like I was done. I’m going to shoot for another chapter this week, cross my fingers, and hope it might double again like last week.

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