Free Book Giveaway Weekend


Free for 5 days on Kindle! Just click to download/add to cart–today through Wednesday. Please encourage your friends to download and pass it on. If our recent elections remind us of anything, it’s how painful division and fracturing of groups can be–especially when it involves opinions about leadership!

Feedback from readers:
“Every pastor and church leader needs to read this book”

“Schmitz interlaces Biblical Biblical scholarship, hard-hitting statistics, and gut-wrenching anecdotes seamlessly to create a can’t-put-it-down feeling.”

“I think it would be nearly impossible to read this book and not have a changed heart toward the functioning of our church bodies.”

(Also, it looks like there’s a paperback sale on it for Prime members who sill save about 10%–that’s Amazon’s doing since it just came out on paperbook via their competition over at Ingram).


Data, research, and stories about American pastoral decline.
Nine of ten ministers know three or more peers who’ve been forced out of pastoral positions; a third of all pastors serve congregations who either fired the previous minister or actively forced their resignation; and at any given time, 75% of pastors in America want to quit. American church decline has reached epidemic proportions and in the last century, church influence has waned nearly 60%. Pastoral attrition is either an indicator of that problem or a central part of it. Why Your Pastor Left is full of detailed statistics and identifies the top ten “Ministry Killers” that cause pastoral stress and eventual “burnout.”

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